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Indian Doll by Mohawk Artist, Cathy Crandall

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Indian doll by Mohawk artist, Cathy C. Crandall. Beautiful attention to detail describes the Indian dolls made by Cathy Crandall in her “Earth Dolls” series. Crandall’s work has been acquired into the permanent collection at the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology. This male dolls costuming represents the Ghost Dance, a 19th century revitalization movement. This cloth body Indian doll has head, hands and feet made out of “earth”, or clay. The Indian dolls clothing, face painting, high cheek bones and prominent features are unmistakably Native American Indian, presumably Crow. The painting on this Indian dolls face is bright yellow set against his ruddy skin, and beautifully painted brown eyes. Wearing his hair in think braids, he also sports feathers in his hair, and wears a double strand of beaded necklaces in bronze and turquoise beads and small chunks of turquoise. This Indian dolls turquoise shirt is cotton linen, has fringed arms, sides  and tail and displays hand painted icons of stars, crows, a man and desert tortoise, the shirt also features long buckskin ribbons attached at the shoulder finalizing in brass bells. This Indian dolls leggings are fringed buckskin and the breechcloth is of red wool, the shoes are of buckskin, as well. Set into a metal stand, this Indian doll will be a wonderful statement piece, or part of a larger collection.

Size measures: 7-1/2″L x 4″W x 17″H

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 18 in

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